Massage Therapy Laurie Alcock,LMT

A natural way to maintain health & wellness

Very Caring and Professional
Colleen P says: 
Laurie has been giving me massages focused on my ankle that was broken several months ago. Her work has been very complementary to my overall healing and rehabilitation process.
Personalized to fit your needs
Therapeutic Massage
Helene K says: Laurie is sensitive and masterful at knowing what a body needs!
Dan A says: I was really impressed with Laurie's research to what I needed in a massage. I sent her a note prior to my appointment to why I was making my appointment; I was planning to do an endurance cycling event in a few days after my appointment. She took that opportunity to research exactly what would be recommended for me and tailored the massaged based on what she found. She took the time to discuss what she found with me prior to the massage and she did a fantastic job. She was very professional and has a very relaxing and comforting environment.
You Must Get A Massage with Laurie!
Gina D says: I can't say enough! The positive results I have received by making massage a part of my regular health management routine is priceless, Laurie is a skilled therapist and has a wonderful gift for doing what is needed in each session. I have found "the massage therapist" to work with, Laurie Alcock.
Laurie has a wonderful gift!
Suzanne C says: My experience was very positive! I've had many massages in my life to deal with chronic muscle pain and lots of stress distress. Laurie's touch is sure, gentle and effective. Her setting is lovely. I left feeling relaxed, energized and in less pain. Can't ask for more.
There aren't words for the magic she performed.
Lauren S says: After weeks of nothing but medications, I finally started looking around for another solution. By the grace of God, I found Laurie. She truely gave me pain relief after nothing else worked. She knows what she is doing and if you don't feel better when you leave there, your dead. Everything was perfect and I look forward to going back.
Therapeutic Massage
michael W says: I enjoyed my first massage with Laurie. She has a firm touch where required, which I like, and worked out some kinks in my shoulder that had been annoying for over a month. I left feeling somewhat relieved and looking forward to my next appointment!
Mini Massage
Montie R says: Laurie is the best...I had the best night sleep that night...I have not had a good night sleep in a while...Thanks
A very good massage
Mimi Arsenault says: I enjoyed my first massage with Laurie very much. She had a firm touch, which I like, and she really worked out some kinks that had been very sore. I left feeling very relaxed and looking forward to my next appointment! Mimi A.
Anne H says: 
I've been to Laurie and I can't begin to say how much she has helped me. From the first moment I met her I felt such warmth and caring. I've seen her twice now for Reiki and came away each time feeling so much better than when I walked in. The massage room is set up to promote relaxation and succeeds very well. Laurie listens to me before we start so she knows how to help. I plan on seeing her on a regular basis as part of my emotional healing.